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Mastering for bands, producers, and labels

Thanks for visiting. I’m pleased to announce that I’m offering affordable mastering for bands, producers, and labels. Clients include NS producers/musicians Veev, charife, iSmith, Dave Fultz, and Khris O’Neil. International clients include Sugar Shack Recordings of Lubbock, Texas, and Adrian Duran of New Mexico.

To get a sense of how I can help your project, check out examples of my work, as well as client testimonials:



Rates are $40/track + HST (for Canadian residents only)

Mixdowns are $125/track + HST

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SAE Course Completion

I recently completed SAE’s “Mastering 201″. Mastering Certificate imageIt has helped my mastering technique immensely, and brought me from mostly using intuition to having a good grasp of the fundamentals and what’s needed for a solid master, no matter the genre.

Reuben Rowntree, the instructor, wrote this about my final assignment:

“Excellent work – I can’t fault this really. If I were to be fussy I’d say maybe a little punchier in the chorus but the RMS level is perfect and the chorus sounds bigger and wider than the verse so that’s a good thing. Nice editing. Great work – keep it up!”

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Basic Mixdown Guide — Preparing for Mastering

As part of my mastering service, I realize how crucial it is for mixes to be balanced before they arrive for mastering.

For this reason, I’ve written an extremely simple and concise mixdown guide, with dB numbers as a guide. I’ve learned these numbers over the past 5 years, a synthesis of what I’ve learned from Tarektith, ill.GATES, Vespers, Loopsy Dazy, and Nick Fowler.

Following these steps will help to take a completed composition and prepare it for mastering.




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