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Testimonials and Rates

Here is some feedback from my mastering/mixdown clients:

“in the process of having Galen Conroy master my ep… i just have to say that working with him has been a real steal. if you need some work mastered, and you want someone who is going to do the job honestly and correctly, and at a fair price, hit him up!”

- Emily Chandler, DJ/producer “Meems” and co-owner of Sugar Shack Recordings.

“Sugar Shack Recordings is excited to be using Galen Conroy, AKA Nagwoode, to assist us with mastering tracks for our label. We have found his style to be very suited to the sounds we release. He is always quick to respond to our messages and quick to master out tracks. Our artists have been very pleased with his work as well. We would highly recommend speaking with Galen when you have a need for mastering work.”

- Tony Smitherman, Co-owner of Sugar Shack Recordings.

“Nagwoode has mastered tracks for me. Every time they always come out great. Professional, Clean, and Quick. His mastering is always on point, he is a go-to guy foryour mastering needs.”

- Deejay Veev (Evan Fancy), artist with Juiced Music, Full House Digital Recordings, Big City Beats, and Doin’ Work.

“Nagwoode breathed new life into an old recording we had done last year. The vocals pop out while the bass and drums feel even more powerful and the whole EP transitions much smoother with even levels throughout the songs. His attention to what kind of sound WE wanted as a band was extremely satisfying while his expertise helped guide our decisions. Working with Nagwoode on this was an educational experience. The whole process felt very organic AND professional (difficult achievement!). Hopefully we will work together in the future!”

- Liars on Fire

“Nagwoode thoroughly plans his mixes from the ground up, carefully and thoughtfully adding elements as he deems necessary. He masters using high quality software that he trusts and knows how to apply, all being analyzed through his high-quality, at-home studio. Trust Nagwoode’s experience, skilled ear and caring approach to achieve the fullest possible sound for your tracks.”

- iSmith (Ian Smith), Halifax producer/DJ/recording engineer.


$40/track + HST (for residents of Canada)

Mixdowns: $125 + HST

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